Multi-day hikes

Hiker on the edge of Kangerluarsuk Tulleq Fjord - part of the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland

Multi-day hikes

As the largest ice-free region in Greenland, there is a lot of potential for multi-day hiking within Destination Arctic Circle.

We have plans to open up further trails in the near future, but currently there are two well-marked multi-day treks – Greenland’s famous Arctic Circle Trail and its extension to the Russell Glacier.

Arctic Circle Trail overlooking Ole's Lakseelv (Itinneq) Valley
Photo: Lisa Germany – Visit Greenland

The Arctic Circle Trail

Location: Kangerlussuaq – Sisimiut

This 160km long trail follows in the footsteps of the Inuit and traverses the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Aasivissuit – Nipisat area.

Ice Ridge Trail

Location: Kangerlussuaq

A spectacular 2-day hike along the ridge above the Ice Road from the edge of the Ice Sheet at Russell Glacier to Kangerlussuaq.

Ice Sheet and lakes seen from the Ice Ridge Trail near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Photo: Lisa Germany – Destination Arctic Circle
Hiker at top of Ukkusissat (Store Malene) near Nuuk, Greenland
Photo: Peter Lindstrom – Visit Greenland

Other multi-day hikes in Greenland

Destination Arctic Circle is not the only part of Greenland that has marked hiking trails of course.  

If you would like to explore other parts of Greenland on foot, have a look at Visit Greenland’s Ultimate Greenland Hiking Guide.  

Please be aware that hiking in different parts of Greenland offers distinct challenges, and not all trails are as well marked or documented as ours.  

Also, although the Arctic Circle Region is considered polar bear free (they are rarely found here), North Greenland, East Greenland and parts of South Greenland are not. In these areas, we recommend hiring a guide or joining a group tour to ensure your safety.