Use of drones

Use of drones

For those wishing to use a drone to photograph or video their time in Greenland, you should be aware of the regulations regarding their use.

You should also be mindful of others as outlined in the 7 Leave No Trace Principles, so please respect the peace and quiet of our arctic wilderness when you are not alone.

Drone shot of a hiker on Nasaasaaq Bluff overlooking Sisimiut in Greenland
Photo: Lasse Kyed – Destination Arctic Circle
1. Drones up to 7kg in weight (including mini drones):
  1. Cannot be flown within 150m of an urban area or road
  2. Cannot be flown near groups of people
  3. Cannot be flown within 5km of an airport

Unfortunately, this means drones cannot be used on many of the day hikes listed on this site.  They can only used on the longer hikes. Please check out the Fly Safe Geo Zone Map to see the exclusion zones.

If you wish to fly within these exclusion zones, you must

  • Obtain an exemption from Danish CAA   [do you have a link for this?]
  • Have drone insurance
  • Follow all the rules of BL 9-4 (in Danish only)

Visit Greenland also has a information about using drones in Greenland.