Hiking in autumn / fall

Hiking in the Arctic Circle region during Autumn / fall

Hiking during the autumn / fall (late August – late September)

Hiking in the Arctic Circle region during Autumn / fall
Photo: Iris Steigemann

If you come just a little later in the year, hiking in Greenland takes on a different magic! Yes, the temperatures are colder and you have a much greater chance of encountering snow (especially in September), but the beauty of the Arctic tundra is indescribable and there are no insects to annoy you! 

Two highlights in particular are:

Autumn colours. Even though the wildflowers are gone, autumn is still full of colour.  The deep reds and burgundies of the Arctic Willow and Dwarf Birch preparing for winter contrast sharply with the white of fresh snow that dusts the tops of the higher peaks in a gorgeous display.

Northern Lights. It is finally dark enough by September to be able to see one of the wonders of the arctic – the spectacular northern lights (Aurora Borealis). They appear almost every night, but the strength of the solar wind will determine how bright they are, which colours you see, and whether or not they “dance” for you.