Sugarloaf Waterfall Trail

Aerial view of hiker at the Sugarloaf Waterfall near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Looking towards Ice Sheet

Sugarloaf Waterfall Trail

An easy hike from the Ice Road to a spectacular and powerful waterfall behind Sugarloaf Mountain

  • Aerial view of hiker at the Sugarloaf Waterfall near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Looking towards Ice Sheet
  • Hiker at the Sugarloaf Waterfall near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
  • Aerial view of hiker at the Sugarloaf Waterfall near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Looking towards Kangerlussuaq
  • Sugarloaf Waterfall near Kangerlussuaq
Trail typereturn
Time2 – 3 hrs
Distance4 – 5 km
Altitude42 m

What you can expect on the trail

Sugarloaf Waterfall is a hidden gem tucked in behind the more obvious Sugarloaf Mountain.

It is an extremely powerful waterfall along the Watson River that roars through a narrow chasm before continuing on its way towards Kangerlussuaq.

The hike is easy but can be quite wet. Although not specifically marked, the trail is obvious.

You visit this waterfall at your own risk so please be extremely careful once you reach the river. Do not approach too close! Remember that sudden surges of water may occur and that river banks can unexpectedly give way.

Trail Description

The trail begins on the Ice Road about 2km past at the start of the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail. It follows an old ATV/4WD track through an area that is initially quite wet but which dries out as you approach the river.

Once you reach the end of the track, there are many trails that lead you towards the waterfall. There is no specific marked route but please use your common sense in this potentially dangerous area.

We strongly advise that you choose trails that are set back from the edge a little. We also strongly advise you do not go down onto the rocks near the river. River banks can unexpectedly collapse, and if a glacier calves or the lake near the Ice Sheet breaks its banks, a massive amount of water may suddenly appear and sweep you away.

The return to Kangerlussuaq is along the same route.

The hike can be combined with the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail.

Overview map of the Sugarloaf hiking trails near Kangerlussuaq

Safety Information

  • There is no cell phone coverage along the trail. Ideally, you should do this hike with another person, but at least let someone know your plans and when you expect to return.
  • Weather can change very quickly. Even on a sunny day, make sure you bring a wind- and waterproof jacket with you as a minimum. If the weather starts to turn, return to Kangerlussuaq.
  • Do not walk too close to the river’s edge nor descend onto the rocks near the river.
  • Make sure you bring snacks and a full water bottle. There is not much water along this trail and you cannot approach the river. We also recommend you bring sunscreen, a sun hat, and a mosquito head-net.
  • Please minimize your impact on the environment. Don’t build new cairns, leave establish trails and roads, or take shortcuts. Remember to take all your rubbish back to Kangerlussuaq with you.

Please make sure you are familiar with all our safety recommendations and the 7 Leave No Trace principles before you hike.