Flower Valley Extension

Panorama overlooking the fjord near the ski centre - taken on the Flower Valley Trail Extension

Flower Valley Trail Extension

A longer day-hike with spectacular mountain, lake, and fjord views

  • Lakes on the Annersuaq - Sarfat - Sakkortusaavik hiking route near Maniitsoq - Greenland
  • Photographer taking picture of Iviangiusat near Maniitsoq - Greenland
  • View of Flower Valley near Maniitsoq with Iviangiusat in the background - Greenland
Trail typeloop
Time5 hrs
Distance6.7 km
Altitude85 m

What you can expect on the trail

The Flower Valley Extension is a longer trail leaving from Maniitsoq that allows hikers to more fully explore the peninsula on which the town is located. It includes views of Iviangiusat and Uummannarsuaq mountains, numerous lakes, and the opportunity to call past the small ski centre that operates during winter.

The trail is well marked, primarily with blue dots. However, there are a few narrow sections with steep drops that may prove challenging to those who do not like heights. Other parts of the trail can be boggy or even slightly underwater, so you must also be prepared for that.

Since this trail is an extension, please read the description for the Flower Valley Trail in addition to the information on this page.

Photographer taking picture of Iviangiusat near Maniitsoq - Greenland
Photo: Lisa Germany – Guide to Greenland

Trail Description (Red)

The trail begins near the Annersuaq lake where the road turns off towards the airport. Head out through the industrial storage area and follow the gravel road for 1.5km – almost to its end. Look for the markers (blue dots) leading off to the right through a short, torn-up area which is quickly left behind as you start a gentle climb into the hills.

There are some boggy areas that you may need to navigate around, but the views over the fjord and out to Iviangiusat (the tallest mountain on Maniitsoq Island) and the twin peaks of Uummannarsuaq are incredible. You can also see the blue ski centre to your right – which is where the trail heads next.

The descent down to the ski centre is short but fairly steep and requires you to scramble over rocks and boulders. Take your time and be careful of your footing. You can call in at the ski centre itself (it’s really just a basic shelter – nothing too fancy) before following the blue dots down the rocks and across the river.

Here the trail turns to the right and follows the base of the hill. Depending on how wet it has been, there is a short section of less than 10m that may be slightly underwater even though rocks have been laid to help. It’s a good idea to wear waterproof shoes or perhaps take off your shoes if you don’t want wet feet.

The trail climbs a little as it negotiates the western edge of Maniitsoq’s water supply before turning sharply to the right.  Make sure you follow the blue dots and not the white cross that is visible ahead of you across the flat area.

The next section of trail offers spectacular views over the lake and is marked with a combination of blue dots, white crosses, and cairns. The foot-width track is fairly obvious for the most part as it follows the ridge above the lake. However, please note that the trail does get very narrow in places with a steep drops to the side, so this section may not be suitable for those who are worried by heights. All hikers should watch their footing.

Eventually, the trail descends to the Flower Valley where you can check out the Uluusia viewpoint before crossing the valley floor and returning to Maniitsoq via one of the two Flower Valley routes.  The easiest hiking option (green) is to follow the water pipeline. This will take you back to the location where you started the hike. 

A more challenging route (blue) is to continue along the valley and follow the blue dots through the boulder field back to Maniitsoq. 

Overview map of the Maniitsoq hiking trail near Maniitsoq

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Safety Information

  • There is no cell phone coverage most of this trail. Ideally, you should do this hike with another person, but at least let someone know your plans and when you expect to return.
  • Weather can change very quickly. Even on a sunny day, make sure you bring a wind- and waterproof jacket with you as a minimum.
  • Make sure you bring a full water bottle. You can refill your bottle from any stream along the way (the water is clean and safe to drink). We also recommend you bring sunscreen, a sun hat, and a mosquito head-net.
  • Please minimize your impact on the environment. Follow existing roads and trails, don’t build or alter cairns, and take all your rubbish back to Sisimiut with you.
  • If you are hiking early or late in the season, be careful of slippery surfaces.

Please make sure you are familiar with all our safety recommendations and the 7 Leave No Trace principles before you hike.